The Team

A multifaceted team

Valérie Gosselin Conche

13 Rue Jean Itey 33 310 LORMONT
Expert in :
Purchasing, international trade, training, finance and management
in another life :
2009 - today : Development of the French sales network and export of an important cooperative cellar in Bordeaux
Various export experiences in different structures in Languedoc, Rhone Valley, South West
2008/2009: Master's degree in International Trade in Wines and Spirits at ESC Dijon
2000/2003: IUP International Trade in Chambéry, double European diploma: Chambéry France and Helsinky Finland
1998/2000: IUT Business Management and Administration
- Certified trainer and accredited expert consultant France Agrimer
- French Foreign Trade Advisor
- Author: "Les formations diplômantes de la vigne et du vin" (Editions Feret)