Transversal skills


We carry out a 360° audit of your company: Production, Human Resources, Financial Management and Marketing. We then issue a personalised diagnosis of the company. This audit allows us to identify the areas for improvement and development of your company. We draw up a 36-month schedule of actions and recommendations to be implemented. All our consultants are France Agrimer approved auditors.

We also offer a free and non-binding Flash audit. This first approach has two advantages: It allows us to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company. It is also the first step towards a professional and trusting relationship.

Full Audit – Flash Audit – Marketing Audit – Commercial Audit – Auditeur France Agrimer


AOC Conseils, optimizes the management of your production. Our team, with its technical skills and years of experience, provides you with the advice and tools necessary for the good management of your wine business.

Optimization of technical itineraries – Production cost management – Optimization of purchases – Logistics –  Quality approach – Environmental Standards

Performance support

We help you support your performance. Growth doesn’t always mean performance and we know that. As wine companies operate in a complex legal and environmental framework, managing growth is a real issue for wine players. It is in response to this demand that our teams have developed performance management tools.

Human Resources Management Tools – Activity monitoring – Customer management – Tariff consistency – Dashboards – Reporting – Cash management and cash flow plan – Sales planning


AOC Conseils, develops and reinforces the commercialization of your wines in France and internationally.

As a specialist in the world of wine, AOC Conseils has real expertise in the marketing and commercialisation of your products. Together, we build a coherent commercial strategy from A to Z adapted to all your products.

Range construction – Targeted marketing – Sales targets by distribution channel – Distribution France and Export – Pricing policy – Oenotourism – International Fairs – Merchandising

Marketing / Communication

We help you to build an adapted and targeted marketing strategy. In a globalized competitive universe, it becomes difficult to find elements of differentiation. With our expertise, we help you to optimize the elements of the marketing mix. We accompany you from the development of the range to the content.

Segmentation and range creation – Mix optimisation –  Storytelling – Differenciation strategy – Project management – E-marketing

AOC Conseils helps you manage your communication.  Communication must be a value-generating axis for your company.  To do this, we help you develop your communication strategy from emailing to the packaging of your products.

Information circulates quickly, more and more quickly, the advent of social networks, online purchasing platforms dedicated to wine make it essential to control its communication.

Internal communication – Crisis management – Emailing –  Medias – Press – Oenotourism – Social media

Digital strategy

AOC Conseils helps you define your internet strategy. In 2017, internet presence must be a priority for all wine properties. It is still necessary to know how to do it.

Our team, aware of the importance of these new web-related issues, will help you build a digital strategy consistent with your wine business.

Web Marketing – Social Network – Community management – Internet Website

Setting up and optimizing subsidies

AOC Conseils, helps you put together your subsidy files. Numerous aids and subsidies are linked to the wine industry. Our experts are there to help you find your way around and ensure the preparation and follow-up of your files.

Support for promotion in other countries – FAFSEA -VIVEA – Assistance in complying with environmental standards – Local subsidies – Audit France Agrimer

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